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Activity 8: Complex identities



Pair people up and have them interview each other. Once done, the interviewees can present the interviewed to the group.

Interview questions

  1. Where does your family originally from? (Come up with 2 interesting facts about this place)
  2. Where are you from? (Come up with 2 interesting facts about this place)
  3. What do your parents’ do?
  4. What are your dreams? List three
  5. How do you identify yourself?
  6. What is a very little known fact about you?

Discussion points

  • What shapes us?
  • What commonalities exist among people here?
  • What alliances and solidarities can be forged?

Alternative activity

Each participant can interview a member of their community. A recently arrived refugee, immigrant, or a community leader.


Poster. Mural. Comic strip. Self portrait. Photo collage. 3 minutes video explainer. Presentation. Rap. Skit. Play. Art instalation. Sculpture. Other.