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Activity 14: Cities free of Islamophobia


Calgary among 6 Canadian cities to sign charter against Islamophobia CBC.
By Ayesha Clough. Jul 04, 2016.

Ten ways to build community between Muslims and non-Muslims RABBLE.CA.
By Rabble Staff. November 15, 2015.


This activity could be first discussed in a group and then developed into a full strategy of how to engage a municipality and introduce a resolution that says “no to Islamophobia.” The group members can start by interviewing those who brought about change in those six cities.

Discussion points

  1. What do these six cities have in common?
  2. How did the change came about?
  3. How significant is this change?
  4. What else needs to be done so that anti-Islamophobia becomes trullly a state of mind?


Poster. Mural. Comic strip. Self portrait. Photo collage. 3 minutes video explainer. Presentation. Rap. Skit. Play. Art instalation. Sculpture. Other.