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Activity 13: Bill C-51


Go to Part 4: Current Context - Bill C-51.

Discussion points

  1. What has motivated the government to create Bill C-51?
  2. What arguments can you come up with to counter. Bill C-15?
  3. What did the Trudeau government promise with regard to Bill C-51?
  4. What did the Trudeau government do so far about the Bill?
  5. If the Bill stays as is, how can it affect you or somebody you know?
  6. How do stereotypes and myths about Islam, as well as the world context make such legislation possible?
  7. Does the Bill represent a form of systemic racism? Yes or no? Why?


Poster. Mural. Comic strip. Self portrait. Photo collage. 3 minutes video explainer. Presentation. Rap. Skit. Play. Art instalation. Sculpture. Other.