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Activity 11: What would you take?


Video: The Syrian Civil War
Le Monde


Have the group interview a recently arrived refugee. Or, if possible have each group member commit to volunteering for a refugee for a week. (Helping with daily tasks such as shopping, registering children at school, getting a driving license, looking for a job, attending ESL classes, etc.)

Discussion points

  1. How was your experience shadowing a refugee for a week?
  2. If you had to leave your home and never return, and if you could pack only one suit case, what would you take?
  3. If your life had to stop right now because you would be in a refugee camp for five years, what would you lose?


Poster. Mural. Comic strip. Self portrait. Photo collage. 3 minutes video explainer. Presentation. Rap. Skit. Play. Art instalation. Sculpture. Other.