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About this toolkit

Illustration by LaRita Dixon named Hijabis
Hijabis by LaRita Dixon, USA “In this work, I wanted to show the fun side of Muslims, to show people that we are just like everyone else.”

This educational toolkit is meant for facilitators and social change champions in their efforts to fight Islamophobia. Our goal is to give users a tool that, on every page, breaks the limited ideas people may have about Islam and about Muslims.

The images we have chosen, the activities we have created, and the little gems of Muslim contributions to the world that are peppered throughout these pages are all meant to challenge stereotypes and myths about the Muslim world.

The impetus for this work began as a response to the Syrian civil war, the resulting humanitarian and refugee crises, and the ensuing rise of Islamophobia in Canada and across the world.

OCASI-Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants has been one of the many key players in providing settlement services to Syrian refugees in Ontario. OCASI has also launched public education campaigns targeting Islamophobic attitudes and behaviours in Toronto and in Ontario.

This kit is an extension of OCASI’s work and is aimed specifically at youth.

We hope that the document will inspire you and help you bring about change in the minds, hearts, and attitudes of people around you about Muslims and about Islam.